Weekend blitz! SWA Fast Approach to Padshop 60% off

Hi folks!

Just wanted to drop by and let the Steinberg fan base know that for a limited all Steinberg based product video tutorials are on sale for 60% off till June 24th! Including SWA Fast Approach to Padshop

SWA Fast Approach to Padshop

With the release of Steinberg’s Cubase 6.5 comes a couple of efficacious software synthesizers, and one of these is the new Granular Synth Padshop. Streamworks Audio’s In Depth tutorial on Steinberg latest, greatest synth is as comprehensive as the instrument itself. Padshop is a potent Granular Synthesizer in which your host and instructor Jeff Quebe takes you into the heart of and brings to light all that one can get out of this unique and amazing software synth.

More info @ http://streamworksaudio.com/products/padshop


I would also like to add that we are aware some may feel that we are breaking the rules here on the Steinberg forums by posting spam. As it may appear this way, I assure you that Streamworks Audio has a professional partnership with Steinberg Media Technologies and have received the correct authorization to post information regarding our Steinberg based products. Thank you for your understanding.