Weird ASIO driver behavior with C10 and Win7 64

I seem to be the only one talking about this. Really?

First off, C10 is working perfectly every time I open it. Great. However, after I close it and open another program that requires my ASIO audio driver I have no audio. This would include Windows Media Player, iZotope RX7 Standard, Ozone 8 Advanced, HOFA CD Burner, and WaveLab 9 Elements. I have checked the box (in the C10 Studio setup window) in C10 to release the audio driver when Cubase is in the background, likewise with WL. In fact, since I mentioned WL, this program will immediately freeze up when I open it up after closing C10, no audio, but all functions start glitching and freezing and it takes a few minutes to shut it down. There is no way I can transfer (from within C10) a track to WL for editing. And of course, I can then open C10 and everything behaves perfectly, the ASIO driver is in place and performs perfectly.

Further, going the other direction, I can open all of the apps I mentioned, RX7, WMP, Ozone 8, etc., PRIOR to opening C10, and they will all perform perfectly. They have no problem swapping out the ASIO driver with each other. However, as soon as I open C10, the problem begins.

I have never had this problem with any Cubase version using a PC before.

OK, all of this said, I did find a strange workaround that works, but it really puzzles me. If I open ‘Sounds’ in the Control Panel of Win7, and click on my already selected Analog Out Default Device, open Properties, and click on Advanced, confirm my bit quality ‘16bit 44100Hz (CD Quality)’, and then click on the tab marked ‘Test’, I will hear the Win7 piano tones play from my speakers. At this point, I can return to EVERY AUDIO DEPENDENT APP I mentioned earlier, and they will all perform PERFECTLY - AND - if I then open C10 and close it, NOW IT WILL RELEASE THE ASIO DRIVER TO ALL THE APPS, as well. For some reason I have to reestablish my default audio device in Win7 in order for C10 to release the ASIO driver. [I also find that as I start my DAW, if I click on the Sounds icon and run through my reestablishing the ASIO output driver process, that C10 will immediately release the ASIO driver to all the other apps.]

So, Q: Is anyone else here who is running Win7 64 experiencing this problem? Also note, my Mackie interface has experience C6 thru C9.5 and never had this problem.

I’m doing a Win7 reinstall right now to see if this fixes anything…

Alright, reinstalling Win7 took care of my issue(s). Whoa, it’s great to have things talking to each other again!