weird automation values with vst2 plug-ins

Hi there!
I just noticed that the automation value behaviour with vst2 plug-ins in C6 has still not been changed yet since i skipped C5!
If you use the infoline to fine-tune automation or draw data into the automation lane while automating Cubase’s own parameters you always see on the fly what you are doing because you see the actual value next to the cursor (like volume, pan, etc)

This is not the case if you automate vst2 plug-ins. When drawing into the lane you see no value changes next to the cursor and the infoline gives values from 0.00 (minimum) to 100.00 (maximum). And here is the point. Let’s say you want to automate the Pitch of a software sampler and change the pitch to +5st (semitones) on a scale from 0-100?? Shure, there are workarounds to find out what value it is on that scale. But wouldn’t it be easier to adapt the parameter’s scale as Cubase shows the right parameter in that little box (see screenshot for better understanding)?

automation values C6.jpg


I can’t answer your question definitively but I do have a couple of observations.
The value in the info line (56.94) is for the selected automation point.
Ithink the value in the track list (5.00st.) is the current value of the parameter (at the cursor point).
In your case, it does appear they are the same value (i.e. a flat line from the point to the cursor position).

That being said, I have also seen this strange difference in parameter values. I may have something to do with the way the plug-in reports the parameter value to Cubase versus the way Cubase stores the data for the automation track.

Sorry, not too much help.

Hi jaslan!
Thanks for your reply! I figured out that for any parameter of any vst2 plugin you get this weird range from 0-100 (I tested 3 by different manufacturers).
If you already know how you want to automate certain parameter, it cannot be quickly drawn in because you don’t know which value it is in the range of 0-100.

Or do you know a vst2 plug where this value differences do not occur by any chance?