Weird "b" with an underline dash


In a trumpet staff label I have this:
Tpt. in Bb - take a look at the attachment.
Skærmbillede 2020-03-15 16.45.44.png
How can I get rid of that underscore b and have the nice b**** back?
I have tried to export the flow and import it back in to the project, doesn’t work.
It’s a show with 15 flows, so I would like to solve this problem without having to create a completely new project and import all flows back :frowning:

Does it only affect the Trumpet, or other Bb instruments too? What happens if you change instrument to Trumpet in (e.g.) D, then back to Bb?

It’s all Bb instruments (clarinet in Bb). No it didn’t change anything in the appearance to change to D trumpet and back.

Checked the Default Music Text Font Style and the Music Text Character Style for underscore?

That did it!!
Music XML import from S…