Weird Beaming Interaction

Hi All!

I imported a music xml from Finale that was composed in 5/8. It has that modern jazz beaming of 2+3, so I set the meter accordingly ([2+3]/8). I ended up having to reenter the notes to overcome however it was encoded in the xml file, but then the 1st bar looked fine, and then I used the ‘r’ key to repeat the bar. But oddly, right after the forward repeat, the beaming switched and I can’t figure out why.

Any theories? How do I correct?

EDIT: it appears to flip the beaming whenever there’s a repeat barline. Maybe something there?

I can add the file, but I’d prefer not to as it’s copyrighted material from a friend of mine.

Select all—Reset Beaming?

That updated the beaming in the whole thing (which was really helpful!!!) but it’s all grouped 3+2…so not quite. Hmmm…

I suspect that at that repeat, there’s some sort of hidden meter with a 3+2 grouping but nothing shows up as a signpost. I guess I can re-beam manually, or add a meter right before it, and then hide?

But yeah, wonder what’s going on?

You’ll need to post the file here probably. Otherwise we’re just guessing.

Ok. I’ll take it down in respect to the composer once we’ve got it solved.

NOTE: file removed now. Problem solved.

I figured it out! On a hunch, I checked the barlines in properties. It was hiding a meter change. I unhid the meter, deleted it, and things cleaned up.

Thanks for helping me hunt Dan!

Yes, remember, barlines are time sigs in Dorico. The meter generates the barlines, so when you need a special barline such as a repeat, it’s actually a hidden time sig.

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