Weird behavior from GA5 since the last update

Great to hear you got it sorted , great stuff :+1:

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Hi @Rene_L ,

good work. That’s a very interesting (and useful) outcome.
Thanks for telling us…

Although I’d briefly thought about screen resolution, graphics drivers etc. I really didn’t think of asking you about your current desktop resolution. Ha! (Learned something new…)


Sorry @Makus for responding so late. I’m on the road to the airport to welcome my spouse who was back from a trip.

But Windows scale was 100% as recommended, also screen resolution is 1920x1080 as recommended. It’s me had changed Cubase resolution with +25% scaling adjustment because I like to see Cubase elements and graphics more clearly. I’m getting old I think…

It seems that Grooove Agent has some difficulty handling this. The good news is that future updates should have fixed this issue.

Good evening Markus!