Weird behavior importing drum data from MIDI and MusicXML

Hi there! So I have a music file that I started in Cubase and imported into Dorico. Everything’s peachy until I get to the drums…so the channel (stave) doesn’t recognize it’s a drum part, and I can’t change the instrument to unpitched percussion, so I make a new stave for a drum set. I planned on just cutting the music from the imported stave to the newly created drum stave, but, well…I attached a picture to show what’s going on.

Why in the world is it creating a whole bunch of feather beam notes for every single note? What do I do to fix this?

Try setting the channel number in Cubase to channel 10 for the drum track and then exporting midi. Then when you import the midi file in Dorico, ensure that the checkbox is ticked for drums on channel 10.

That worked beautifully, Paul. I haven’t looked into this yet, but is there a simple way to extract that drum stave and import it into another Dorico project? While I waited for a response here, I did a lot of work on the other parts, and would rather not have to redo that.

Just import the MIDI file into a new flow and copy and paste where you would like it.

Of course! Y’all at Dorico got your stuff together! I’m still getting used to all of the freedom it allows.