"weird" behavior in sound clip window

Hey guys.
So,I come from cubase 5.5 so some stuff have changed of course for the better or not.
Anyway I’m searching the website for months now but can’t find a solution.
When I double click on an audio clip (or multiple clips glued together) to edit it and I press play (space) to hear something,instead of the whole track playing (as it was on cubase 5.5)only the specific sound that I’m editing is playing ,which is really,really frustrating for me because I edit sounds constantly .
If I double click on the upper part (timeline?) then indeed it plays everything ,except if some audio clip is highlighted ,then it just plays that!
Not a native English speaker ,so maybe I’m not clear enough,but is there a way to change that behaviour in order to get it to behave like it used to ,in the old versions of cubase?

Instead of the spacebar, try using Enter. In variaudio this plays the whole track rather than the highlighted selection, so it may be the same in your case. I believe there is a preference to change this behaviour but I adapted so can’t tell you exactly where to find it.