Weird Behavior

I am not sure if this is a Dorico issue or an Apple issue but Whenever I hover with my mouse for some reason a box pops up with a filename of different Dorico files. Here is an example while I was browsing ESPN haha. The Dorico filename just appears. It has happened in both browsers, outlook, and Dorico so far.


I’m experiencing a similar thing when working in Dorico where a title tooltip from something behind the window is popping up.

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I’ve been having something similar happen as well. I also experience when hitting space bar to stop playback, the Library menu pops open.

Stephen, what is behind your browser window? Is it a Dorico project window, Dorico’s Hub window, a Finder window, or something else?

Hm, I can’t reproduce this reliably. Perhaps it’s a memory issue with my computer or something, and it only happens if the computer has been on all day. But from what I can remember there are various windows open behind Dorico: Finder, Firefox, Mail. And it seemed to show some random file tooltips; I even looked whether that file was directly at the position of my mouse pointer in Finder but it wasn’t. Really mysterious. :thinking: I’m going to keep an eye on this and share a screen recording if I encounter this again.

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I’ve been having this behaviour for quite a long time, I don’t remember if it’s since Dorico 4… I usually work with a second monitor (plus my macbook pro’s monitor) and usually it’s the finder behind. Sometimes, a file name will popup. I’ve never mentioned this because it does not really affect my work.
Now that I’m not at home, I’ll check out whether I have this behavior (no additional monitor here).

Honestly, most of the time there is nothing behind the main window. I keep my desktop rather tidy. I restarted and it went away, then came back. It seems the bigger the score the more likely it is to happen as well.