Weird behaviour of the print window

I have a score with two voices, flute and piano. It has three layouts. When I open the print- window, there is no choice to choose one of the layouts on top of the window. Just the layout , which I had opend in the write-window is there. But even this wrong. Although I have the flute-layout chosen, the print window of the shows the full score. But on top is the name " flute". What is going wrong here?
I would like to attach the project, but that could lead to copyright-issues,

The “Flute” at the top of the screen is irrelevant in Print mode, so it’s greyed out. You should be looking at a list of layouts in the left panel of print mode. If it’s not showing, click the arrow in the left side of the screen, or type Cmd/Ctrl-7.

Ah, thanks. But that´s quite confusing. I hadn´t opened the menu at the left side, so I just could see the flute- title on top of the window.