Weird behaviour when using ALT+SPACE and loop markers

I’m a big fan of using ALT+SPACE to listen to the currently selected events, notes, audio or whatever. It really helps me to audition the part I’m working on.

I noticed a strange behaviour, though.

  • Create a midi track and make it for example 2 measures long.
  • Now set the loop markers to something INSIDE the previous measure, for example from 1.2.1 to 1.3.1. Be sure to turn on the cycle.
  • Having selected the event (which should be 2 measures long) now play it by pressing ALT+SPACE.

You will notice that the part plays OK until it finds the end of the cycle, which makes it repeat for as long as the event length.


And it doesn’t mute the other tracks. I am finding hardly for this func. This are the default setting in Logic and Ableton.