Weird Bug - Deletes Unused Directory

V12.0.30 Build 286 on Mac M1 Studio Monterey 12.5.1

Ok. This bug has had me losing my mind for several days, until I figured out how to recreate it (by accident).


  1. Create a new folder for a project you are working on (let’s say /Volumes/Projects/MyEpicProject)

  2. Now, inside this project folder, let’s create new folders for the various sections of our project:
    a) /Volumes/Projects/MyEpicProject/Section1
    b) /Volumes/Projects/MyEpicProject/Section2
    c) /Volumes/Projects/MyEpicProject/Section3
    d) /Volumes/Projects/MyEpicProject/Section4

  3. Now, open Nuendo

  4. Create a new “Nuendo Project”, based on a template. And select to open it in one of your ‘sections’ (for example, Section 2).

  5. Stare at the screen for a minute. Realize, this isn’t the template you wanted.

  6. Close the project (but DON’T save)

  7. Close Nuendo

  8. Now, wave a magic wand… and let’s look at what’s in our MyEpicProject folder:
    a) /Volumes/Projects/MyEpicProject/Section1
    c) /Volumes/Projects/MyEpicProject/Section3
    d) /Volumes/Projects/MyEpicProject/Section4

  9. Scratch your head and say to yourself, I know I just created that folder … where tf did it go? (hint: it’s not in the trash, or the system log, or anywhere else I can find)

  10. Be frustrated for several days until you do something very similar again, and have another wtf moment.