weird bug in cubase 7

Hi there,

I seem to have come across a strange situation where i’m no longer hearing the audio from certain vst tracks unless the corresponding midi track is selected on the sequencer page. i can see the vst channel is receiving audio but it’s not making it to the stereo bus. i’ve been using cubase for years and never come across this. also come across some strange happenings since switching to the Nektar p6 as my main controller. It’s starting to upset me now! can someone please help before i drop kick the thing out onto the street :smiley:



in addition, i’ve just noticed that record enable needs to be armed for the sound to be routed to the stereo output. switching through midi tracks automatically switches off the record enable (normal behaviour) but then sound no longer makes it to the stereo buss.

quick update, bug seems to have disappeared after switching to a different sample rate.