Weird bug is holding down my project - Help

Im in the last phases of a movie, going into a premixing stage and suddenly plugins in the inserts (not all of them but most) are getting black/dark and freeze. cant move them, i cant earse them, nothing.
As soon as i will insert another one it will blink blue for a sec and then will “die” as the rest.
The plugins can be from third party or from steinberg.

it seems to be project related cause i couldn’t reproduce it in other projects, but i might be wrong.
Here are the things I did try without success:

  1. Removing the Prefs (10.3 and 11)
  2. open the project on 11 and 10.3
  3. removing the VST and VST3 folder.

Since israel as lots of other countries dont have a proper support (steinberg! wth?) to ask for help here is my only solution.


Did you switched “constrain delay compensation” on?

yeah. why? is this got anything to do with it?

YES… it disables plugins with long latency

Wow. cant believe spent so much time trying to solve it in other directions.
it explains EVERYTHNG.

Thnx a lot st10ss!

Was it always like that?
worked with delay compensation for year and never got into this.

You turned it off with that switch…
It get’s introduced with N10 I think…

It enables to turn off delay compensation to do low latency recording work without the need of disabling all plugins step by step. Just “Conatrain…” do the recordings and turn Delay compensation back on after that…

So if understand u correctly, when turn in “ON”…i basically turn the compensation off to make low latency tasks?