Weird bug with cubase and addictive drums 2

the first hi hat midi note that is played right after opening a project sounds way louder than it should. if the same event is played again, it sounds just right

i noticed this problem some time ago and at first thought it was an addictive drums bug, but i decided to test in other daws but the problem doesn’t occur. i tried pro tools and ableton live and neither of them shows this behaviour

i recorded the output of the instrument so the problem could be heared

if i do an offline or realtime export it sounds okay

Cubase version is 13.0.20

Hi, I’m not sure if you problem is the same as mine - the problem for me also existed when I freeze a track or mixdown the project.

The problem resolved after using a completely fresh instance of Kontakt player - that is to say, do not use a track preset, or duplicate tracks or anything like that.