weird CD-Text when importing DDP

When I create a DDP master, when I reimport it? I get after each CD Text titles a space and a slash (see image). Apparently these are totally “virtual” since they don’t appear anywhere else, but i find this a little worrying

Thanks for any light on this
Mark haliday
Slashes when import DDP-2.png

W8.5 on W7 32 bit

Normally, the slash (with a blank space on each side) is meant to separate the song title and the artist name. To me, it looks like the artist name may have been left empty.

Can you be sure you filled in the artist name for the disk itself and for each song before the DDP was made? Did you create the DDP from a WaveLab montage?

See the attachment.

If you left the artist field empty on purpose, I would say all looks normal in your picture.
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 5.47.24 AM.png

Got it !

When creating a DDP and re-importing it into wavelab somehow a “PERFORMER” field in the track cd-text is created and populated with a blank character " " see below : (cue file created from same montage)
If I create a cue file from original montage it won’t show this field since I do not use it when the album is with a single artist

The problem is that I have no means of telling if this gets created with the DDP or by the import process

PERFORMER “Txxxxxy Mxxxxxd Trio & Sxxxxx”

TITLE “Exxxxx Sxxxxx”
ISRC US1111111111
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE “Between xxxxx”
ISRC US1111111111
INDEX 01 09:07:16

If you remove the Album Performer (and any other track performers), the spaces will not be added to any of the Performer fields. It’s not a solution, and I don’t know why it is, but that’s what I found.

I don’t know if it’s “actually” on the DDP either or if it’s the import process. I tried making a CDR (which exhibits the same thing) and reading back the Text using the Mac command line CD Text command and didn’t see anything unusual, but I’d have to try that again. Would be interesting to see what Hofa and Sonoris do with it.

Using an external ddp player confirms that the DDP creation process in Wavelab 8.5 (I think it is the same in W9) creates a track Performer field with a blankspace in it

It does happen in Wavelab 9 too. And it goes all the way back to at least Wavelab 4, so it’s been like this for 15 (?) years.

It’s not just the Performer field, it’s any of the CD Text fields.

If you have a mixture of empty and filled fields for any particular field (like Performer - including Album and Track performer), all empty occurrences of that field will get an added space character. (As it is in your case, where you have Album Performer filled, but Track Performers empty).

But if ALL occurrences of a field are empty (album and tracks), none of them will get an added space character.

It happens on DDP and CDR. I don’t know why, and I don’t know if any other programs do the same thing.

btw, what external DDP player did you check it in?

fwiw, I made a CD with CD Text in Toast and get basically the same thing: if any of the Performer fields are left empty when entering the text in Toast, the empty Performer fields are shown with an added blank space when the CD is imported on Mac command line (drutil cdtext), or when imported in Wavelab.

The only difference is the added blank spaces are always there with the Toast CD, even if all Performer fields (album and tracks) are left empty when entering in Toast. (Unlike Wavelab, where if all album and track performers are left empty, blank spaces would not occur on CD import).

It doesn’t look right, and seems like an oversight, but it does appear that Toast does the same thing. (at least my old version of Toast).