Weird cpr anomaly in C12Pro

I have a question that has been bugging me for a while.
When I look at the properties in a file manager for the cpr it shows as either an SX3 or C4 file.
the cpr loads normally in C12Pro but if I click on the cpr in a file manager it loads either SX3 or C4 and then says it can’t be loaded in either SX3 or C4 because it is newer than either of those programs.
It doesn’t seem to affect anything in C12Pro but it does have me curious as to why it does this.


In Windows you can setup, which application should open given file type (*.cpr in this case). It seems Cubase SX3 or Cubase 4 is set at your system. Change it to Cubase 12. Then you can double-click any *.cpr file and Cubase 12 will open it.


Thanks for the reply Martin, much appreciated !
I thought I had done what you suggested before and that didn’t work but this time it seems it does for some reason !
Just tried it and now it works so thank you.