Weird CPU usage-VSL VIP2?

I’m demo’ing the Vienna Instruments Pro 2 from VSL, and ran into this WEIRD issue that appears now to be something up within a particular Cubase project. Here’s the thread detailing it on the VSL BBS:

long and the short, when I’m playing this project, ASIO sits at say 20%…when I open the GUI of the VIP2, it shoots up to and stays at 50-60%…here’s the kicker–even when I stop playback! It registers more accurately in Task Manager, as the Cubase ASIO meter jumps too quickly 20%…60%…over…50%…20%…TM goes up and hovers between 50-60% while the GUI is open.

However, when I start a NEW Cubase project, it shows no such activity with the VIP2 GUI open…even under similar workload. So, it must be something ELSE in that project that doesn’t like VIP2’s GUI open. I will begin to trouble shoot it by saving a copy and removing all other plug ins. I’m sure there are Jbridged plugs…Steiny’s bit bridge on some plugs…when I get the RAM useage down to under 4GB, I will open it in the 32bit Cubase 6…which I’ve updated (detailed in other thread) to 6.05 from 6.0.

Any ideas?

I exported the midi portion of the project. Opened it in a new project. Opened a new instance of vip2…does the same thing, albeit it takes it from 5-9% playback to 20-30% with the GUI open. So, not quite as much of an increase, but…

I also save a copy of the full project. Emptied the mixer of ALL plug ins. Disabled all audio tracks. Unloaded all other VIs. So, it was nothing but a handful of vip2 instances with the midi playing them–same deal. Jumped 20-25% from playback baseline.

Don’t know where to go from here.