Weird crash on loading MixConsole

I am getting a weird crash on Nuendo on my template session only - empty session works fine. But on load, it’ll crash when loading “MixConsole” if I don’t “grab” the window with my mouse. Here’s a video if it failing when I don’t grab it and then immediately working after when I do grab it.

Weird huh?

Happens even if I disable plugins. And happens if I open blank session then open this one next to it — it’ll open on its own as long as I don’t “Activate” the template session, but as soon as I do it crashes unless I “grab” the loading window.

NUENDO 10.2.20
macOS 10.14.6

Is there a way to delete prefs like in Pro Tools? Or could this be a cache issue with this particular project?

There’s a way to start up without plugins I think. Or something like that. I would search for that in the Steinberg knowledge base and then try that before trashing prefs.

Tried that. It still crashses. I can get it to book if I “grab” the Loading MixConsole window. I have all my prefs and my profile backed up.

I fixed this by deleting a duplicate of the same session on a different hard drive. My guess is that Nuendo’s project folder was getting confused, but not sure.

So, this wasn’t fixed. It’s actually an issue with activating audio tracks If all audio tracks are disabled, it opens, but not if you enable them, save, quit, and reopen. I’ve made a new thread here:

Seems like vstconnect.bundle is the issue:

Upon further testing, it looks like dearVRSpatialConnect.bundle is the culprit actually.

I am not on Mac, but I’m curious why are you using 10.2, instead of the upgraded 10.3?

I’m on 10.3