Weird Crash

Cubase is looping through a 5 minute project but the GUI is frozen. I’m trying to wait for it to save the session but the GUI is frozen. Odd that the audio engine still is going but the app itself is locked up. Any ideas on this? It froze seemingly as soon as it hit the right locator and started looping indefinitely.

Cubase is still looping and playing VSTs. its been about 4 hours now. Video, and GUI still frozen. Is there anyway I can do a crash dump on this process before I terminate it? It isn’t creating .bak files :frowning:

bump. Consistently when a cubase project is open and left idle, the GUI will freeze indefinitely.

i see that cubase made 5 BAK files all with the timestamp of 2:50pm. bizarre.

Is the rest of your system behaving normally? Can you do things like open/close a browser, Task Manager, Windows Explorer etc? If so does Task Manager tell you what’s eating up resources?