Weird Cubase 6 crash issue

Hey there,

Weve recently come across a very strange crash scenario in Cubase 6.02. Sometimes when saving a project we will get an instantaneous crash. Then when we try and open the session that was just saved it comes up with a message saying that the project in question was created with an older version of Cubase and cannot be opened. So it is basically corrupt.


Our setup was not changed in anyway (eg. new plugs etc) so i cant offer an explanation for this. Anyone else had something similar. I will try updating to the latest version but this is very bizarre and is starting to become a real problem.

Mac OS 10.6.7, Cubase 6.0.2, Apogee Ensemble



Have you tried trashing the preferences?[productfamily]=2

Hey Split,

Yes I tried trashing preferences but to no avail. It seems completely random. Apart from corrupting the project file, I noticed that upon reopening Cubase it doesnt remember certain things like or export preferences For example, if I open a project it will default back to the Mac HD locationa s opposed to the last folder I was working in, and in export options things like file destination, bot-depth and sample rates go back to default settings.

This is becoming a real problem for and I cannot rely on just using ctrl-s anymore for fear of it corrupting my project!!


Another thing to try is to see if a bad plugin is causing instability of your system.