WEIRD cubase crash when inserting plugins

HelHello everyone, i have really weird problem. When i launch some plugins like (soothe,waves,Slate digital,Fabfilter,NI,sound radix etc…) cubase
immediately crash, but what is interesting , this problem occur only on these plugins. When i launch for example (Izotope,UAD,Soundtoys,Antares etc…) everything is ok, im trying to fix it by myself for couple of days… I tried things like ( reinstalling plugins,drivers update,scanning with antivirus,antimalware,disabling antivirus, deleting some trash files and many other things. Of course all my vst’s are bought legally i dont use cracks. I just moved from fl studio 12 ( i was using these plugins on fl and everything was ok) I was trying to search my problem on the internet but i didnt found anything helpful. Im really sad , i will be so thankful for any help. Forgive me if i’ve done some language mistakes :wink: . Have a great day!