Weird distortion issue pasting good parts of synth

Hey guys. So I have a stereo audio synthesizer track exported from FL Studio that is inconsistent in its output, in overall volume as well as balance and attack. There doesn’t seem to be a good way to make the synth make it consistent in FL Studio so I want to take the best event and paste it everywhere in the song so that it’s always the same. But when I paste it where I want it (any place in the project, even on tracks where it doesn’t belong), I get this super weird wobbly distortion or phasing or something. It does the same thing with any event from the track that I choose. It’s not the fault of any of the inserts or effects, it will do this when it’s completely dry as well. It will even do it with completely different sounds/tracks (with no discernable pattern or reason why it happens to some but not others). It’s almost like Cubase is distorting it when I copy it.

Here’s a short clip of 3 events. The first and last are normal, the one in the middle is the one I pasted. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?



Isn’t the sound resampled? Or is it in Musical Mode and does it try to to match tempo (so is there any audio warp involved) by any chance?

I’ll be damned; that was exactly what it was. That’s bizarre, because the WAVs on the tracks are the same tempo as the Cubase project, they’re not “Acidized” or anything, everything’s lined up because I’m using snap when copying and pasting, and I don’t have musical mode disabled on other tracks where I’ve done some pasting around on just fine. But sure enough, on this particular track/region, I turned musical mode off, and voila! Sounds perfect.

Thank you Martin!