Weird drum editor issue: doubles get created(Detailed video)


In version 8.5.20 I’ve noticed a strange and very tiring bug. When you’re clicking right on the grid (grid lock enabled) either with a drumstick tool or with object selection tool, the note is created. When clicking on the existing note, the note gets deleted. I love programming drums with a mouse, been doing it for decades, and well, Cubase drum editor has always been my favourite environment for making midi-driven music.

BUT. Here’s what happens now. When you’re clicking near the grid (grid lock enabled), a note is created - as expected. But with a second click it gets created again! With every other click you’re creating a new note instead of toggling “create note/delete note”. It gets painful when working with busy drum parts with grids like 1/16 in higher bpm’s or 1/64 in slower bpm’s, because you’re just a couple pixels away from triggering that buggy behavior!

Here’s the little video I made to illustrate the bug:

[A minute of intelligent rant] And that’s what new Cubase is full of, I’m afraid: you point the mouse in the wrong place and get the annoying pop-up, you click on the insert bypass button while moving a mouse, and it doesn’t toggle, and so on and so on. I love Cubase 8.5, it has LOTS of fantastic features, it’s very good in general, but those small bugs kill it for me, and they just keep coming! Everything’s oversaturated with clickable elements. I wish we had an option to turn certain things off. [/A minute of intelligent rant]

Can confirm, but this only happens with either high zoom or very high quantizing (1/1, 1/2, etc) depending on the zoom level.

I’d also love to find a workaround, maybe there’s a setting that bypasses midi note stacking or overlapping? It’s really getting annoying trying to be extremely tedious not to layer two snare hits at the same time while programming drums on the fly, and I really love being able to write gridsnapped drums and then humanize/dequantize them when necessary, it’s a really fast process.