Weird edit-in-place behaviour


  • I checked iPad Settings >> Dorico >> Store Documents and Data on iCloud
  • I opened a Dorico project on the iPad (Dorico V2.3.10) which exists in a folder in my iCloud Documents.
  • I edited for a while and returned to the Dorico iPad Hub.
  • The Hub showed three versions of the project, all apparently stored on the iPad (all had hamburgers) and all with exactly the same timestamp. (See screenshots below)
  • The Dorico folder on my iPad had one version of the project with the same timestamp as shown on the Hub
  • The original iCloud project was now shown as having been last updated 3 seconds after the timestamp on the iPad.
  • I opened one of the iPad-local projects, edited, returned to iPad Dorico Hub
  • Now there is only one instance of the project in the Hub with a new timestamp
  • But the original iCloud project has not been updated

Issues are:

  1. A local copy should have not have been made at all? The iPad was connected to internet during editing and previously (pre V2.2.10?), if off-line , a hamburger-free iCon would still have been created in the iPad Dorico Hub as I recall commenting positively on its “store and forward” behaviour. But these local duplicates can easily lead you to believe that you might be editing the original when you’re not
  2. Why were three local copies made? (Why was any local copy made …. editing it edits a duplicate of the original and I almost lost many edits by considering deleting the now-separate local version.

As you might be aware from other similar threads over the past week or so, we are looking into these kinds of issues at the moment.

One thing we now know is that the Document storage settings option in the Settings app should not appear for Dorico: this setting isn’t something that an app itself can read or write. Instead, this is a setting that is used by a specific document browser that Dorico itself does not use. So you can disregard that setting – it’s irrelevant, and it will not appear in future updates.

As for why there are multiple duplicates of the same project, I suspect that if you have at some point used the “Share” button on the toolbar, you might be seeing some spurious temporary folders that are being reported to the app as files. We’ve discovered some oddities with the bookmarks given to us by the operating system, and this is one of them. We’re now detecting those more reliably and cleaning them up.

Please be patient while we work through these issues. There is a surprising amount of variability in the behaviour of the app on different devices even with only very slightly different versions of iPadOS installed, and Apple’s documentation is not always crystal clear about what we should be doing. We’ll provide an update on these issues in due course.

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