Weird extra 'Stereo In' track appearing on left of Mix Console when I record a mono vocal track

Ok so I was testing out some different settings and configurations for recording a vocal track in Cubase. When I added the track, in the ‘Add Track’ dialog box I set the ‘Audio Inputs’ to ‘Mono 1’ (where my vocal mic was plugged in on my USB interface), the ‘Configuration’ to ‘Mono’ and the ‘Audio Outputs’ to ‘Stereo Out’.

Then I tested out the input levels and I noticed on the left of the Mix Console there are extra channels called ‘Mono 1’, ‘Mono 2’ and ‘Stereo In’ (I’ve circled these in red in the screenshot below). When I speak or sing into the microphone, the input level meters for ‘Mono 1’ appear, but also the left side meter in the ‘Stereo In’ channel also appears. What is this ‘Stereo In’ meter, why is it appearing (as I set the Configuration to ‘Mono’), and why is only the left meter in the ‘Stereo In’ functioning, not the right? The ‘Test vocal 2’ track is the vocal track I intended recording on btw. Thanks.


Open Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs, please. Here you can see the list of all Input busses.

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