Weird fermatta behavior in drum set

12/8 bar with a fermatta on the last beat. For some reason it gives me the appearance of a second voice with an upside down fermatta as well.

I get this:
weird drumset fermata 1

But what I want is this:
weird drumset fermata 2

I clicked on the notes in beats one and two to see if there was a 2nd voice, but there isn’t. Not sure how to fix this.


I guess this is on a percussion kit? In which case at the present time you can’t edit the rests in the down-stem voice, but that will be possible in the next major version. For the time being you may find it’s sufficient to select the two down-stem dotted quarters and move them into the extra down-stem voice via Edit > Percussion > Voice > Extra Down-Stem Voice. Extra voices are not padded with rests.

Yup, that worked. Thanks!