Weird Gain Staging Behavior in Cubase


I’m experiencing an issue where when I record something via a Group Track, or using the new Audio Inputs feature in Cubase Pro 13, I am loosing -5db of gain compared to the source channel.

Furthermore, when I load audio files into the Sampler Track I am loosing -3db of gain compared to the source track.

Is anyone experiencing similar issues ? or can anyone explain why this is happening ?

This issue is making gain staging and handling of files very frustrating.


-5dB or -6dB? Or -4.5dB?

Sounds like an error with measuring or mono/stereo configuration. Are the tracks feeding the group track, the group track, and the audio tracks all the same channel-width?

Thanks for the reply.

Here is the configuration:

(1) Stereo Instrument Track
Routed into
(2) Stereo Group Track
Routed into
(3) Stereo Audio Track

Outputs a stereo audio file. I’m losing -5db gain on the recorded audio file compared to the source track. When I load the recorded audio file into a Sampler Track i’m losing -3db of gain.

Where and how are you measuring?

Peak levels on the Cubase channel faders.

Are you doing any panning at any of those stages?

Post images of your routing.