Weird grace note positioning problem


Just wanted to draw your attention to this odd quirk of the program that I don’t seem to be able to work around. I am engraving a section of a score in which there are lots of grace note flourishes. Although in different staves, they are at the same rhythmic position: some of them need to be before the barline and some after in order to reproduce the composer’s score. I don’t know whether I’m just not being clever enough or whether no-one thought this would ever be necessary, but at the moment I can’t exercise the independent control over the sets of grace notes that I need - they all go one way or the other, regardless of the individual switch settings (please see graphic). I can live with all-before if I have to but it’s not what the composer wrote! :slight_smile:

Moan over, thanks for the great work the team are doing - Dorico is a joy to use! :smiley:
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It’s hard to see why the composer wrote it like that in your particular example, but some of us have been complaining about this since Dorico version 1.0.

AFAIK there isn’t a good work round, though you can mess about with the horizontal spacing in Engrave mode.
grace note positioning.png

Hi Rob - I’ll give adjusting the horizontal spacing a go (but not until everything else is locked). Your ex. looks perfect! Thanks for taking the time to post it. The MS is strange, as the composer does specify that the gruppetti should be played in advance of the beat in all cases anyway! :slight_smile: