Weird graphic problem

As soon as my zoom level is smaller than 300% it looks like the noteheads get somehow out of place. Everything in the program seems to be slightly incorrect (checkboxes not in the middle…see screenshot) I´m on windows 10, latest updates are done. Please help!

Dorico looks much, much better on Windows if you switch on ClearType font smoothing, and it looks from your pictures that you might have it switched off on your computer. Certainly you should find that this sorts out the issue with the noteheads and bracket ends not being correctly positioned.

Thanks Daniel! Now it works. I love working with Dorico, great work.

I have the same problem on Mac:
All stems in the lower System are mis-aligned, and also the 8th flags do not properly align with the stem. This happens on all zoom levels equal to or lesser than 300.

Switching off the font smoothing in the macOS system panel does not have any effect, and frankly, even if it had I would not be happy to disable an otherwise helpful OS feature to compensate for the shortcoming of one software.

For an application whose main purpose is of graphical nature I would consider this as a serious bug. As I am experimenting with coding music notation myself, I ran into exactly the same issue on my project, so I am happy to share my findings, which you might want to forward to your OSX developers:

We are using a Qt-based surface for drawing the music to the screen, and this is a bug caused by the lack of floating point precision in its QPainter raster device (details here). Unfortunately at the moment the Qt developers have not yet shown any interest in addressing this problem, and although it is within our power to get our hands dirty and fix it ourselves, we would rather spend our time developing the application itself where possible. The problem only manifests on non-Retina/high-DPI displays, but all the same we do want to see it fixed.