Weird Graphical Glitch

Something weird is happening with my Inserts list help, here’s a GIF for reference it’s hard to explain:

Please help you guys it’s getting annoying.

Hi and welcome,

What graphic card do you own? Do you have the latest driver (studio) installed? Can you try to use native Windows driver instead of the dedicated manufacturer driver?

Is it always reproducible? Or just with one project? Or just once?

Thank you, and thanks for your reply.

I got a laptop with a GeForce MX250, the glitch happens on every project and my drivers are up to date.

Sorry for my ignorance but I don’t know how to switch drivers between Window’s Native and the manufacturer so I haven’t tried that, how would I do that?


I’m sorry, I’m not Windows user, I just know this works for some users. I would probably try to uninstall the driver completely.

I understand, thanks for your help anyway, I’ll keep trying to find a solution.