Weird graphical glitches. Anybody seen this?`

Hi all,

I’ve recently started to get the glitches shown in the attached pictures. This started not long after I upgraded my graphics card. However, these only appear in Cubase - every other application (including Windows) is unaffected, leading me to believe the fault lies with Cubase. Both Cubase and the graphics card are up-to-date.

Any ideas?

Cubase Artist 8.0.40 build 623,
Windows 10,
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750ti.

Many thanks!

Well, usually final version of NVidia drivers have some problems you should check which version works for you.

Cubase 32 bit or 64? Do you use mozilla firefox? Which plugins do you use? Windows x64 or x86?

And yes: I know these.

Dragon96: so it could just be an incompatibility with the latest NVIDIA drivers? I’ll investigate previous versions, thanks.

Timo: Cubase 32bit, Windows 64bit. No, I don’t use Firefox but do use Thunderbird. I haven’t added any new plugins for a long time.

Try turn off hardware acceleration in Thunderbird (advanced settings) and restart it. Does this fix it?
How much memory does your 32 bit Cubase process use when you get the problem (check in Windows TaskManager)?

I have an AMD card, so it can’t be a NVidia only problem.

Well, I turned off hardware acceleration in Thunderbird and it appears to have fixed the problem! Very strange.

Thanks a lot for your help Timo.