Weird graphics misalignment (and crash)

I’m using Cubase Pro 10 (V10.0.60), and I’m having a weird issue with some dialogue boxes.

When I open the Audio Connections dialogue (for example), the two parts of the window are misaligned. In order to expand all of the connections, I have to click to left of the “+” button (effectively where the button would be, if the windows were aligned as normal). In addition, Cubase now appears to have “forgotten” all of my External Instrument audio port settings again (which it used to do with irritating regularity, but has not now done for some months).

At exactly the same time as this started happening, the two Fabfilter plugins which I have been using extensively for some time (Pro-Q3 and Pro-C2) have started causing Cubase to hang completely when closing any adjustment instance of either plugin. When I open either plugin to adjust settings, the interface window is unresponsive (shows no information when hovering with the cursor, shows no signal indication despite audio playing, doesn’t respond to any mouse clicks etc), but does appear to be processing audio regardless. For example, clicking on the EQ line in Pro-Q3 has no apparent impact on screen, but nonetheless does create a low-cut filter which can be dragged across the window, affecting the processed audio. It is only when attempting to close the plugin window that Cubase becomes unresponsive and has to be closed with the Task Manager.

This happens with existing projects (including the one that was fine yesterday, ones that were fine last week, and ones that were fine before Christmas) and completely new blank projects.

So far I have tried the following:

Uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase.
Uninstalling and reinstalling the two plugins concerned (and ensuring the latest version of each is in use).
Rolling back the graphics driver to the previous version (even though it hadn’t changed from the day when everything was fine to the day when everything suddenly wasn’t).
Updating the graphics driver to the latest version (including switching between Nvidia’s “Game Ready” and “Studio” versions, and performing a clean install of the gfx drivers)
Testing other plugins within Cubase (none of which have any problem).
Testing the two Fabfilter plugins in both Reaper and Ableton - in all four cases with no issues.

My system is a Ryzen 5 5600X CPU in an Asus ROG STRIX B550 motherboard, with 32Gb of RAM, and a GeForce 1080 Ti Gfx card. I’m running Windows 10 (20H2) 64-bit, Cubase 10.0.60, and the latest versions of both VSTs (64-bit VST3).

If anybody has any idea what the fix is likely to be for this, I’d be very grateful!


This is a known issue. It has been definitely fixed, already.

I’m not 100% sure, the fix happened on Windows side or Cubase side. If it was in Cubase, then probably it wasn’t fixed in Cubase 10.0.x.

it was fixed in Cubase/Nuendo 11

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Aha - so does that mean that the only way to fix something that was working perfectly well three days ago is to pay for the upgrade to 11? :wink:

Only joking - I guess I should raise a ticket with tech support, and see if I can get a patch to fix 10.0.6…

I guess you did a Windows Update… :wink:

This bug if I remember correctly was related to API changes for Vulkan and OpenCL
and updates on OS and graphics hardware drivers initiated the problems
there was a workaround but I don’t remember where to find the description

just try to search for it… we had many discussions about the problem…