Weird happenings with AI 6. Any ideas??

I really don’t understand this. I use AI 6 all the time and have a very good understanding of what I’m doing. However, today when I opened Cubase I wasn’t getting any sound via the laptops ASIO driver/computer speakers while trying to mix my recording after being recorded. I do this all the time but for some reason after lots of trouble shooting I had to switch the ASIO driver from “ASIO Direct X Full Duplex Driver” to “Generic Low Latence Driver”. I’ve never had to do this once in the 3 years I’ve been using this. Also, the Equalizer on the side bar is inactive. I use this all the time too but today I can’t get it to function. Another weird thing is I noticed the audio track is a light blue color. I’ve never seen this color before. There are also a couple of other differences today compared to every other time I’ve ever used this.

What the hell?? For no reason things have changed and/or not working like they have the hundreds of times I’ve used them. I just used Cubase dozens of times last week and everything was normal. I’m kind of lost on this one. I can live with the generic driver because at least I have sound. But why can’t I use the equalizer on the left???