Weird Icons

For a while now I have been getting the two icons shown in the attached image overlay-ed on almost every dialogue in Cubase. This first started in version 9.5 and still occurs now. Its probably something really simple but I cant work out what it is to get rid of them. They seem to serve no function, clicking on them does nothing and there is not associated right mouse function. I am using Windows 10

Don’t think that has anything to do with Cubase. Looks like you have some software running in the background to do with Audio, which is then overlaying onto Cubase?

That looks like ShadowPlay, which is a capture overlay with nVidia graphics cards. It could be something else similar like the Xbox overlay in Windows 10 or a Raydeon equivalent. You should be able to turn it off in the app itself. For the nVidia, it should be in the GeForce Experience app.

Thanks, it was the nVidia thing. I forgot that was a fairly recent addition! Thanks for the suggestions Marcus and jaslan.