Weird input/output conundrum

This is a very strange issue that has me really puzzled. I have recently opened Control Room, although I don’t think that this is the issue as I have turned it off with no change. The problem is this:

I have sound coming into my input channel of choice and it is routed to an audio channel with Amplitude 5 and an eq in the inserts. I can hear the guitar but there is no sound or rather no movement of the LEDs in the Stereo out. I can hear the guitar clearly but there is no signal going through the two inserts yet the channel LEDs are reacting to the sound. I record something hearing only the raw guitar sound. However, on playback everything works as it should. Signal passes through Amplitude and the eq and sound registers in the stereo out meter.

I have checked the routing in F4 and Control Room . the Guitar Channel is routed to Stereo Out. I have checked my RME Fireface’s Total Mix and I have checked in the Studio section that everything is correct. I seem to be at a complete impasse. I hope someone might see what I have missed. Thank you in advance of any idea.

Check your “constrain delay compensation” settings first.

hi silhouette,

lot’s of variables there - which makes it hard to diagnose remotely.

I’d suggest a new, empty, project - ignore amplitude/eq as they shouldn’t be relevant.

Add a single channel of audio and set the input to whatever your guitar is plugged into - and set it to input monitor

If you are using control room then the main stereo outs don’t need to be assigned anywhere . You also need to make sure that direct monitoring is turned off - and there there is no internal routing enabled in Totalmix

(edit Steffen beat me to a reply :slight_smile: )

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Hey Thank you for the really prompt replies. I checked, or should I say unchecked the Direct monitoring and everything is back to normal. I was not very surprised that it was a simple tick box issue. Now here is the strange thing. Yesterday I I had been recording as normal, everything working. In the evening I resumed work and this issue. I am sure that I never ticked the Direct Monitoring. However I rule nothing out. It just goes to show that most issues in Cubase come down to user error or lack of knowledge!

Thanks to you Dr Strangelove, also st10ss for your suggestion.

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