weird issue..arps not in time and midi notes are hard too lock to bars

im having weird issue for past few days…my midi notes are hard as hell too move too lock to bars I have to really zoom in and they still don’t seem too be bang on.

also any arps im doing start drifting out of sync they start in sync then slowly drift out and by the time its made a few passes its totally out so I need to stop midi reset and start over again.

its really doing my head none of the notes seem to quantize properly they either go forward a few bits or behind.

hope someone can help thanks


Make sure the main Ruler is set to bars&Beats, please.

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

my grid type is set to bars and beat on my arranger window.
and on my key edit page there the same…thats first thing I checked just in case something got accidently changed but it looked normal.
my computer updated a few days ago maybe that’s whats done it…also my radeon card got updated automatically too the option page looks difrent so im thinking something has changed there .

ill keep an eye on it and ask about what settings my amd radeon card should be on at the minute its set too balanced im sure it was on something different before.



Is the sound in sync (for example with metronome)? Is it on the visual side or on the data side?