Weird issue, need help please...

Hi all,
this has happened before, but now it has become really annoying:

Whenever I click with the mouse in empty space (and probably other areas as well), I get a weird, uh… farting noise. Yes really. But that’s likely because the sound seems to be coming from my CHH + Kontakt plugin, since the sound stops when I disconnect that plugin from the MIDI track.
Anyway, I’ve also attached a quick clip, please note the Disk cache meter in the transport bar going crazy as well every time I click!

Thanks for thinking along here,

I can work like this, but it’s really distracting…
Has nobody ever seen this?

Do you have any remote devices set up in device manager? That’s about all I can think of!

Thanks for chiming in!
Yes, I have a generic remote configured. I’ll check if there’s anything wrong with it. I’ll also go check with my empty template and see if it happens without any data on tracks.