Weird issue with Dorico 5 upgrade?


I’m wondering if anybody has experienced a similar issue with upgrading to Dorico Pro 5…

I was previously on the trial version and am ready to upgrade to the full one now, which should in theory just be the $100 upgrade fee from version 4. However I am unable to do so.

Every single time I attempt to make the purchase it kicks back at me and says my card has been declined by my bank - but I have now tried 5 different cards from 5 different banks… Can anybody help with this? Have you experienced something similar? How do I get over this?

I tried going back to 4… but since switching to 5 I’ve added a lot of custom key commands and have severely adjusted my workflow, so switching back to 4 is tough considering that all of those changes I made to the way that Dorico operates in program defaults of 5 I am not able to retain those changes.

Any help appreciated!

(I have also reached out to the Steinberg Shop support folks - I haven’t gotten an answer to my question from them just yet.)

Try making a small purchase elsewhere on internet to see if problem is unique to Steinberg.

Unfortunately I know that isn’t the issue… I also purchased something today on Amazon for about $15 with no issues.

I’m sorry you’re having problems making the purchase. I suggest you open a ticket with the team at AskNet to ask them if they can provide any further assistance:

In the meantime, I’ve also extended your Dorico Pro 5 trial period for another 30 days, so if you run Steinberg Activation Manager and click the “refresh” button in the top right corner, you should find that your trial version is back up and running.