Weird issue with Pandeiro not appearing in the mixer

I am preparing a playback template for the new VSL SY World Percussion combined with the SY Percussion Latin instruments. . All instruments are loaded in an identical way, as player or percussion. kit, using the Synchron player plug-in. In the Play mode I first loaded all World Perc and then all Perc instruments in the VST and Midi in an attempt to avoid the usual Dorico mixer mess.

After also entering all instruments in the setup, all are shown in the mixer in the order I entered them except the Pandeiro (World Perc). It does play however but there is no mixer fader.

Now it gets weird; If I go to the setup and change the Pandeiro to e.g. a Bass drum, miraculously a fader appears for the Bass Drum in the mixer. For a strange reason it is located between the Bongos and Timbales faders (SY Perc!). I can now manually overwrite this Bass Drum name to Pandeiro, define the playing techniques, add the correct EM and PM and connect it with the World Perc- Pandeiro samples and I have a Pandeiro fader and correctly playing instrument.

However when I change the instrument back from Bass Drum to Pandeiro, the fader is gone again.

Why this weird behaviour of the mixer linked with a specific instrument?

Wild guess… take at look at which vst+midi channel its being mapped to when you change the instrument. And then check if any other instruments that precede it in the score order are mapped to the same vst channel.

Don’t know if that’s your issue but faders seem to be named on a first come first serve basis when a vst+midi channel is shared, and I’ve had instruments “disappear” from the mixer that way, or have had violin marked as trumpet, etc. Also, look at what mixer channel shows activity when you play notes on that instrument.

Hi Gregory, Thanks for the fast reply.

As you suggested, I had a look at the channel in the track inspector for the Pandeiro whch is in the second slot (actually the first active one) of the rack and for some reason it is empty. See first screenshot.

I then checked if I could get the Pandeiro to show up in the mixer using another rack position and that works. So it is not the instrument.

Finally I now first set the VST in slot 2 of the rack to – (empty) and then once again loaded a SY Player instance with the Pandeiro and oh wonder now it is suddenly there in the mixer and even in the first spot where I want it top be. It is really strange that the solution is to first set the VST instrument to empty and then to load the plugin again.

Greg gets credit for the “solution” if you check the box below his post, rather than your own.

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Sorry, I don‘t want any credits for the try and error solution I found. I lost 2-3 hours due to this inexplainable behavior of Dorico . and want to make sure that other people who have the same issue find this solution when browsing the forum.

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