Weird Issue with USB connected devices

So, to start off: I don’t have a job yet, (though I’m hoping to get one this summer) so I can’t quite afford a proper audio interface or mics. I’m currently trying to improve my home recording, but since I don’t have any proper equipment, I’ve had to resort to what I have. I’m using Razer Tiamat headphones (which don’t have a super impressive frequency response), a USB Powered Blue Yeti, and on occasion, using my main amp (A Peavey Vypyr VIP 2)'s Direct-In function (also USB powered) with a free cab sim with some free IR’s.

My problem is, that when I use either my mic or the Direct-In (which use 2 different types of USB cables, so, probably not a cable problem?) for 1-3 minutes, they’ll start getting a really annoying crackling, low bitrate sound, which builds up until eventually, I can’t hear anything at all, at which point, I have to unplug whichever USB device I’m using, and then plug it back in. NOTE: This does not only effect the USB channels, it effects everything, drums, bass, you name it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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