Weird Issues with noise on input channels

I have just set up a new computer and am using Cubase 11. Everything was going fine until I noticed a loud hissing noise coming from the left monitor when I soloed the bass to finesse the Amplitude 5 bass sound. At first I thought it was an un licensed plugin. So tuned off all the plugins on that channel. I shut down all the plugins, but was still hearing it. So rebooted on Safe Mode disabling all the plugins. Sound still there and I noticed it was coming from the mono input from my RME Fireface UC. So I noticed that the sound was still coming from the left monitor. I switched the output leads on the RME and the noise transferred to the right speaker. So it was not the speaker.

Then I shut down Cubase and fired up an Amp Sim and using the same input channel from the RME played bass. No problem, no distortion or hiss. I then booted up Cubase 11 again and did a audio export of the soloed bass part. No hiss or distortion to be heard. I updated the drivers for the RME - no change. I downloaded Audacity and recorded a bass part with no issues.

I checked and double checked all the audio connections in Cubase, I made sure that the RNE Asio was selected and all the right outputs and inputs were checked. I phoned a Cubase using friend and neither of us could understand why it was only the stereo left that displayed this problem.

I am hoping some experienced user will tell me what I have done wrong. As it is I have reached the end of my tether with this after a long period of setting up a new computer.

Intel Core i9-10900KF CPU@3.70GHz - RME Fireface UC Soundcard

Are you using balanced plugs on your outputs? Can you try other outputs?

I think it’s your outputs (the sockets themselves). I have noticed the same thing on some of my FF400 outs. But how to clean them apart from physically twisting the jack a million times…:man_shrugging:

If it were the sockets it should be there with other software…

Maybe in Totalmix is something routed…

I would have thought that my self but for the fact that the offending noises are on the right channel. If I flip over the output cables the noise is then on the left. If I do an audio export of the offending tracks the noise does not print. So it seems to be outside of the actual channels!!! A real conundrum.

Totalmix? Did you checked this?

Yes and I am having difficulty working out whether the distortion/interference is originating from Cubase or total mix. I am guessing that it is Cubase as I am not having this issue with other applications. I have tried recording in Audition and no behaviour like this. I am rather baffled. When I audition the part I have just recorded in Cubase the distortion runs on for a couple of seconds after the part has finished, like it is still being processed.

I have just recorded a bass track in mono and the distortion and noise is still on the left pan. I really don’t know what to do other than reinstall Cubase???

Can you record the noise?

Well this is the interesting thing. I export an audio track and I can’t hear it. Which leads me to think there is some issue in Cubase that I can’t seem to grasp.!
Bass Part|audio

Listen to the left side. It is not so loud as in Cubase but it is there,

I can only hear a short reverb sound, like an impulse response…

Where do you plug your bass in?

Thanks for listening. That’s the sound. However there are no plugins in that empty project so there should be no processing at all. It is a bit louder in Cubase. Where next? I think I have exhausted all the options I know.

I still think that TotalMix is causing this…

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You are right. I have finally solved the problem. I use an RME Fireface UC and have been getting noises and hiss etc. I then discovered that Total mix has a function named Operational Mode. So I initiated that and it automatically sorted out the Cubase 11 connections and it has cured all of those plugin issues and the left side noise. Thanks for your concern. Everything now works and sounds as it should - in fact thanks to the new machine, better.

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Actually I changed back from Operational mode and copied the settings as there was no way that I could use Media Player in that setting. Everything is still workinfine. I have to say that everything is peachy now.