Weird key modifiers interaction between Range and Selection tools


I feel like there is some kind of bad interaction with the key modifiers between the Range Tool and the Selection Tool. I have noticed this with the default settings.

When I use the Range Tool, and I want to temporarily Disable Snap to make a new selection freely, I would normally first hold Ctrl then start to draw my range. But this does not work, instead it acts as the Exclude Row action, which is indeed bound to Ctrl by default.

In order to counteract this behavior and make Disable Snap effective, I can bind Exclude Row to a different combination, for example Ctrl+Alt. However, this same combination is already bound to Slip Event Content for the Selection Tool, and now, every time I want to use Exclude Row, it will instead go into the Slip Event Content mode.

According to the Tool Modifiers list, the Slip Event Content action is supposed to be an action for the Selection Tool, so why does it still get triggered when using the Range Tool ?

I am aware that for flexibility reasons, the same modifier/action can take effect within multiple tools, like Ctrl for Disable Snapping, and Alt+Shift for Set Cursor Position, for example. But specific actions like Slip Event Content should only be inherent to one tool.

Furthermore, the default binding for Range Tool - Exclude Row should be changed to something else (for instance, Ctrl+Alt, and by fixing the Slip Event Content interference at the same time), because the way it is currently tied to Ctrl prevents using Disable Snapping in the first place.

Any thoughts ?


Wouldn’t it be easier for readers to understand the request in a single simple line?

Please make all tool modifiers follow the (Combined) Tool’s current state

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Is this current topic even talking about the Combined Selection Tools ?