Weird keyboard behaviour

Hello everybody

I just bought WL elements 8 and being a hopeless Cubase addict I wanted to see if playback is activated by the numeric enter key…

At first it seemed like a no go, but then, for unknown reasons I tried to push the numeric “0” and then “Enter” in a rather rapid way and that works like a charm.

My big question is, is this the way it is intended to work ?

Have a nice day
Brock, Denmark

With numeric pad 0 you return the cursor to the previous start point (and with a second push to file start) and numeric enter has always been ‘play’ in Wavelab.

the numeric 0 is key for stopping and returning to the start, as is ‘Home’, but now the space bar will start the play, as well. I see the process as having many options, find your best path?