Weird lanes behaviour while comping

Hi all,

Forgive me if there’s something obvious I’ve missed in the menus and trawl through the manual, but something is not as it should be. When recording multiple passes and expanding the tracks to show the takes in lanes, only the last recorded track seems to be audible, unless I delete a section of it and the penultimate take is audible. This seems to be the case regardless of whether I select an earlier take, only the lowest lane (the last take) appears in the track, while the selected take goes grey as if to say it’s selected, but is masked by the last take.

I’m sure this was not the case before I upgraded to 6.5. I’m sure I could simply select a different take and that would be the active audible take in the track. Likewise, performing edits to comp the track, even if I cut multiple takes and select the regions I want from each take, I still only hear the lowest track, rather than cutting between takes.

There’s nothing obvious in preferences, so what am I doing wrong?!


Are you using the new comp tool?

Doh!! No I wasn’t…Thanks so much for the speedy reply… sorted now!