Weird lil prob w/ HASE. (anyone)?

Aloha guys,

I have noticed this lil problem since C6.0.

Sometimes while working with HASE, the plug screen(s)
will just go blank. Nada. nothing.

All the fields/buttons etc in the plug just go black or blank.
Nothing works but to reload the plug.
If there is a sound loaded, it will just keep playing normally
but you can’t ‘touch’ it.

Seems like the GUI just goes away.

Most times this happens when I am auditioning instrument patches;
moving from patch to patch.
Some times while scrolling thru patches ,
sometimes while double clicking them.

Not really a show stopper for me but can
be an intermittent annoyance for sure.
I’m just trying to make sure ‘pilot error’ is not involved.

Anyone else get this?


Just one bump