Weird Locator Behavior

Hi - I noticed this just started happening recently, has anyone seen this before?

I have my locators set around an area of interest, with the blue between them.

Then I hit SHIFT-B or SHIFT-N to go to the previous or next Marker.

I could swear that in the past the cursor would go there , and the locators would stay put. So that later, if I wanted to go back to the locators, no matter how far away I migrated in the project with multiple SHIFT-Bs or SHIFT-Ns, if I hit a 1 or 2 on the number pad I’d go back.

BUT, what’s happening now, is when the cursor goes to the next marker (with SHIFT-N, for example), the two locators travel and wind up at the same point in time as the cursor! (No blue between them … they are at the same point). So, now I’ve lost the ability to use the “1” or “2” to go back to the other part of the song where the locators used to be.

Any thoughts or ideas please?

Thanks !

Hi - bumping this up please … any suggestions?

(The locators move their location to the cursor location whenever I use the key command SHIFT-B or SHIFT-N to navigate in Cubase).


First, I would check the key commands for Shift-N, Shift-B, 1, and 2, and see what they are assigned to. Then, if necessary, I would trash the preferences. Have you already tried these?

Thank you, Jaslan!
Checking the key commands, yes.

Trashing prefs - no, rebuilding them is such a long and involved process I wanted to see if this had been noticed by anyone else who might have a shorter fix first.

Appreciate your help, Jaslan!

Anyone else who might have knowledge of this one?


I am surprised that, for as long as you have been around here, you don’t know about the “drag the preferences folder to the desktop and if it doesn’t help drag them back” trick…

Just slow, I guess.

Never had a prob that required trashing. If no one has other suggestions after a while, I’ll prob do that - thanks!