Weird Metronome Problem

Hi Guys,

Lately I’ve been having a metronome problem where I setup the metronome and I can only hear the 1st beat and not the others. Example in 4/4 I can only hear Beat 1 click and 2, 3 and 4 don’t click.

What can I do to fix this?

Have a look at this…

It’s hard to understand with the guy’s accent, but there are sub titles.

You should also read your PDF manual in whatever version you’re using. I’m going to guess that the terms pre-roll & pre-count will be what you’ll read up on, but get to learn all the things you need as you go.

I never get too fancy with the metronome, and sometimes I prefer to just use a drum VSTi as my metronome, and if I want or need extra emphasis or accentuation to help follow the groove, I’ll add in some percussion, not constant per say, but at just the right places, like a wood block or cow bell etc. This is much more musical than an annoying ear splitting click in your ear.

Check in the Metronome Setup dialog. Sounds like you have the volume of the “Lo” click (either midi or audio) set to zero.

(SYNC, are you sure you read his question?)

As I said, I don’t get very deep into using the metronome other than a basic click to cue me in for punch-ins etc, and just found/posted some general links for the the metronome for the original poster to get started on …which may include what you’ve suggested…and should also be in the Cubase PDF’s.

My other dialog about using a drum/percussion VSTi as my metronome, was about just sharing my own alternative to using an annoying ear splitting click. Though ‘click volume’ is an important feature for me…at least it then get’s drowned out after the music starts.