Weird midi behavior almost no sound


First, I am on windows, I am using Dorico and audio engine I am using Cinematic solo studio strings and cinematic studio winds with custom playback templates.

Yesterday everything was working like a charm.

But today, I kind of don’t get any sound. Some notes will play while most won’t. especially staccatto and spiccato. I checked the kontakt instances and can see that all the midi data seems to be transmitted correcectly. The trigering of different samples is working at least visually but still no sound.

I tried to delete this folder Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine_64 like one of the videos said but it did nothing.

I tried to delete all kontakt instances and rebuild them but with no luck.

I tried another project (maybe the one I’m working on is corrupted) but it did not help.

I tried to use the default plugins (Halion) but they actually do not produce any sound.

I tried to play around with samples rates, either 44100 or 48000 while making shure either windows and my sound card drivers are in sync but it does not change anything.

Since yesterday, nothing actually changed that I know of either on my computer, template, project or anything else.

Does anyone know what this is about ?

PS Some additional details I’ve been looking at :

  • If I click on the keyboard on the kontakt instances inside Dorico, I hear notes for all articulations.
  • My sample library work perfectly in Reaper.
  • My midi keyboard seem to not work anymore in Dorico byt work perfectly in Reaper.

PPS sorry for my bad english

Firstly, your English is exemplary, so please don’t apologise for it! You have got you point across very clearly.

Is the issue perhaps that the notes are being triggered, but the wrong volume controller is set up in the expression map? Can you check in Play > Expression Maps that you have defined the appropriate volume type, e.g. CC1 modulation or whatever is required by the library?

Also very weird is that When I export audio in the file menu, the audio plays correctly !

It’s only in the realtime playback when in the software itself

Hi thanks for the response !

I just checked them to be shure but everything is exactly as it was yesterday. And it worked yesterday. All the programing is as it is supposed to be for the library to work in the expression maps.

Here are additional details.

  • I can hear that some notes do not play, some notes play at a very low level and some notes play normally. It depends on the instruments but like I said earlier, the short notes seem to be causing more problems.

  • Sometimes, at the end of a line, if a note played normally, it will like stick ? The note will continue indefinitly until the instrument play something else.

  • I just trippled checked the expression maps to see if anything changed but all the velocity information is correct and the correct expression map is assigned to the correct instruments.

If I had to guess, it feels like for some reason the program does not send complete midi information. As if the program could either not access sufficient ressources, or not enough midi information could be transmitted at once.

Again, yesterday everything worked and I’ve been using Dorico with similar configuration for about four months without any problem like this one.

In term of ressources my computer is more than capable of working with these samples. So it may be software allocation ?

I don’t know really. I’m just trying to guess :sweat_smile:

You could try increasing the buffer size by one or two steps in Edit > Device Setup. If the audio file is exported correctly but playback sounds choppy, it could be that your audio hardware cannot keep up with the demands of playing the music in real time, but with a larger buffer size, perhaps it will cope better.

I did put the buffer at 1024 and the problem persist.

As said earlier, everything works perfectly in reaper (DAW) even at lower buffer sizes. I have the focusrite 18i20 which is more than capable.

Also this is a problem that just appeared and that is really only happening in Dorico. For months it worked like a charm and still do in other software.