Weird midi behavior

lately I have had a strange problem with my midi…

I am running latest Nuendo with latest RME drivers on W7 64bit… I never noticed this until about 1 month ago but never could figure out why it is buggin out like this…

so maybe someone know the settings that needs adjustment:

every time I press a button in piano roll or on my midi controller it will record a midi note at C3… if I hit record and play it records just fine, but its annoying if I am playing without recording it will put notes in there that I don’t want

Sounds like a strange one. You don’t have Step Input or anything like that enabled?

I installed the demo of Live and had the same problems, updated my RME driver to latest driver from December and back to normal :slight_smile:

so I guess this was some windows/driver issue!

now let’s go Nuendo update with fixed lanes